1. Project Name:

SIDA/Forum Syd Tanzania


Piga Ngoma Road Show Project- on going project which takes place in Dar es Salaam urban and peripheral

Nature of Assignment:

Apparently, SYDP is conducting similar road show project contracted by Forum syd (Swedish NGO based in Dar es salaam) to undertake similar project through road show campaign under the name of Piga Ngoma HIV/AIDS Project. This project is still taking place covering the Kinondoni urban and peripheral areas. This is the result of the former Road how project which made good impact and support to young people. Forum syd scaled up what has formerly been funded by FHI/Youth Net under USAID funding.


Miss. Hija Wazee Coordinator Forum Syd- Tanzania Brach

Tel: (255) 22 2668900


2. Project Name:

Goal Action Africa

Nature of Assignment:

  • To strengthen development committee's institutional structure at ward and the mitaa /village level to be able to manage a participatory community development process focused on improving basic services.
  • To help the community to identify root causes problems.
  • Develop strategy to address them and who to mobilize/utilize resources effectively.
  • To create gender awareness to the target group
  • To discuss with the Donor the training methodology based on the feed back and later agreed on the scope of work.
  • Review the programme documents i.e programme strategic planning documents, logical framework, report from the ward development committees (these served as the basis of developing our training programme).

Expected outputs:

  • A training report with inclusive of summary, training methodology, outputs and recommendations
  • A detailed narrative summary of prioritized community intervention and target
  • Brief M&E plan to capture progress and assess effect of the training.
  • Evaluation
3. Project Name:


Poverty Reduction to Tanzania youth

Areas: Dar es Salaam , Pwani and Morogolo


Over 3 solid years SYDP have been conducting outreach activities to out of school in Dar es Salaam and coast region. The projects were mainly focusing on HIV/AIDS and environment areas. However, it is high time that we can not separate Poverty and HIV/AIDS as it is wi dely agreed targeting young people is a key to changing the course of pandemic. However, poverty and HIV/AIDS are intimately linked, and that raising awareness of HIV/AIDS will not only, on its own, bring about behaviour change it must be supported by life skills training, economic empowerment and better health services.

Problem identified:

  1. Majority of youth SYDP worked (working) with in HIV/AIDS project are poor
  2. Majority of them do not access loan from the bank
  3. There are a lot of good policy and procedure laid out to facilitate youth getting. Fore example, ministry of youth stipulates that each district/Municipality should set 20% of its income to the youth group. This 20% is regardless of whether they got enough monies.
  4. The policy of CCM is to alleviate poverty to youth and the Nation
  5. There is a lot of opportunity Tanzanian youth can utilize like Fishing, farming, export curios, mining, petty traders, sewing, weaving, boutique etc. This is limited due to lack of capital for the same. With available fund youth can make their dream come true.
  6. Tanzanian Youth like other Tanzania lack collateral. This being the case they can not access loan from the bank. Moreover over, 75% of Tanzania properties (landed properties) are squatters. Squatters can not have documents to justify their legality ownership.
  7. The idea of telling Youth to employ themselves is not realistic as there is no further explanation as to how they can go about.


SYDP does a lot of activities, however, for the purpose of this project only few have been selected which are quite similar with project we intend to do. Some of them which indicate donor, nature of assignment and contact person are:
1. Donor:
CYAR International
Centre for Youth As Resource (CYAR) International is the one of the world leading NGO dealing with youth business-focused training and human resource development.. CYAR is a United States based NGO with 501 C (3) status which operated in Tanzania through SYDP from 2001-2003

Nature of Assignment:

SYDP handled all media and PR assignments for CYAR Tanzania and its Donors. SYDP designed and provide promotional materials for CYAR i.e business cards, printing of the training materials, handle some sub-contracting work on behalf of CYAR i.e customer service training, communication and assertiveness training, project management, executive recruitment, strategic management consulting.

YDP organized the launch and facilitated their come-in in the country in Tanzania in 2001 since then CYAR remained a Donor and business partner of SYDP. Their success in Tanzania includes the existing Centre for Youth As resource at Kiondoni which exist to date and SYDP manage and supervise it.

Officer In-charge:
McAllen Steven, Director CYAR International
Ministry of Youth Labour and Sport Development
Sabsaba Trade fair exhibition, Dar es Salaam

Nature of Assignment

To plan, prepare and manage the Sabasaba trade exhibition especially the Kijiji Cha Matumaini booth

Through the exhibition, where all the youth NGO's gathered and displayed their hand made product and Youth health friendly services SYDP was the overall incharge of makinfg sure all the logistics are handled propoery. Time table and close monitoring of message given by youth group are properly coordinated. Under the theme of Mlinde mwanamke Dhidi ya maambukizi ya ukimwi.

Officer in charged:

Mr. Kinyaha, youth Coordinator,

Ministry of Youth, Tanzania

USAID/Family Health International/ Youth net Tanzania

Piga Ngoma Road Show Project-phase II

Nature of Assignment:

SYDP has remarkable experience on Road show campaign since 2005. In 2005, SYDP was contracted by USAID/Family Health International/Youthnet to conduct road show to all the three district of Dar es salaam, namely Kinondoni, Ilala and Temeke. The project took three months and a half and was successfully implemented under the name of Piga. Ngoma HIV/AIDS . The project under had following objectives; Provision of Reproductive Health Education to young people and promote abstinence to young people as the only way out against HIV/AIDS. The Piga Ngoma Project aimed at reaching 7,000 youth within Dar es Salaam and at the end of the project managed to reach over 15,000 young and adult both from in and out of school Youth Net Contact person Mr. Daudi Nasib , Associate Director Family Health International/ YouthNet (Appendix II-album plate picture on the 1 st Road show project)


Daudi Nasib, Associate Direcotr, Family Health International

Tel: (255) 22 2601866/7

Fax: +255 22 2601874


USAID/Family Health International/ Youth net Tanzania

Youth Week 10-14 at Biafra ground 2005, Dar es Salaam
Nature of Assignment:
Following good recommendation and implementation of the first project on road show SYDP was again contracted by Family Health International to undertake and coordinate Youth week at Biafra Ground. SYDP was the overall in charge of coordinating, supervising and managing the youth week. The 2005 Youth Week at Biafra aimed at reaching More than 10,000 youth and very successfully the event pooled more than 25,000 people. The campaign started by the one week road show using truck and ended up with exhibition at Boafra Ground. The week was launched by Mr. Athuman Mdoe the then District Commissioner of Kinondoni on behalf of the former Regional Commissioner Hon. Yusuph Makamba and was officially closed by the Regional Administration Secretary (RAS Contact person


Mathew Tiedemann-Country Director FHI/YouthNet

Tel: (255) 22 2601866/7

Fax: +255 22 2601874