Sustainable youth development partnership (SYDP) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making organization formed in February 10, 2001 and became fully registered in March 2003. SYDP involves all youth of schools and non-schools and work Under the Ministry of Labour Youth Development and Sports in collaboration. The head office is Located at the Centre for Youth as Resources in Kinondoni ward behind Vijana Social Hall. Youth-led NGO placing Young People at the forefront of development issues, in particular Young People's SRH and HIV/AIDS

Trained Young People, working directly in their communities, are best positioned to communicate life-saving information, and lead comprehensive behaviour change programmes that bring about improved livelihoods for Young People and their families including: Lower HIV infection; and Better health outcomes.
Society- with less diseases, no poverty and that value youth as resources.
SYDP is committed to contribute towards Social, Economic and Education transformation leading to a vibrant society that values youth as resources in decision making, leadership and development perspectives. In alliance with others we seek to help, shape a future that ends global poverty and delivers and sustains efficient and equitable management of the world's natural resources.
Ministry of Labour and Youth Development, Ministry of Health Office of the Prime Minister, TACAIDS, NGOs and International organization, SPW Tanzania, and University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Radio Times FM, TVT, IDYDC Iringa while Volunteers are key partners in the organization. We look forward for more partnership!


The objectives of SYDP are:

  • To fight against and strive for the eradication of poverty, particularly and especially among the youths of Tanzania .
  • To provide in-depth knowledge about life skills to youth and society at large.
  • To make all Tanzanian youth aware of their position within society.
  • To sensitize the society in development perspectives and the struggle against HIV/AIDS.
  • To advise the government on reliable means of combating the problems affecting Tanzanian society, especially those which affect youth and their acquiring of essential life skills as it is laid out in the government's 2025 development vision.
  • To establish youth groups working under one umbrella that shall be given knowledge on the specified fields as requested.
  • To research and establish different projects on development issues.
  • To provide seminars and awareness of development issues and the struggle against HIV/AIDS. Some means of accomplishing this shall be the organization's use of leaflets, magazines, and posters in sensitization.


Sustainable Youth Development Partnership-Tanzania in pursuit of its objectives started in article four of SYDP Constitution which among other things requires SYDP to carry out the following functions:

  • To provide seminars to the villages and rural areas in particular.
  • To publish journals this shall be provided to youth on development issues.
  • To organize events on days in which all of the community gathers and receives knowledge on the issues currently affecting youth and society as a whole (development issues and HIV/AIDS) through certain communal activities such as drama, chair, sports, music, and traditional Ngoma and Ngonjera 1.
  • To conduct research on development with various governmental organizations.
  • To lead people directly on manual works so as reflects the modality of youth development issues.
  • Organize events and workshop days where all stakeholders will be participating fully and equally.
  • Provide loan revolving fund to Youth